Who We Are?

Protair-X Solutions Group – The Better Environmental Solution with Superior Results™

Protair-X Solutions Group is the international industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of Health, Environmental and Air Solutions.

As a privately held organization, our commitment is to our customers not the stock market.  We manufacture and deliver above industry standard environmental solutions – From sanitizers and anti-microbial masks to filtration.

Since we do not have to react to fluctuations in the market – we are able to deliver technologies that are more environmentally friendly and assist organizations with reducing their maintenance and operating costs by providing environmental solutions which have been field tested for 4 to 7 years.  Our goal is not to be the largest Environmental Solutions manufacturer with the most discarded disposable products in landfills; instead, the largest environmentally friendly manufacturer who understands your needs and the needs of the markets we serve.

If you are looking for Environmental Solutions that utilize plastics and paper media and you do not mind incurring the cost and time of frequent replacement, under-utilized air flow and sub-standard performance then unfortunately we are not for you;   however, if you seek advanced technology, constructed of high quality and extremely durable materials then perhaps we are for you.  At the very least – you will breathe better…

Advantages of Our Filtration Technology

Cleanable / Washable and high efficiency with anti-microbial protection for institutional or industrial use.


  • Always comparable but often superior efficiency
  • Less resistance for longer periods
    • Static pressure <1 inch of H20 after 6 months.
    • 6 to 12 months before maintenance
  • Resistant to humid environments


Ecological, without compromise on the filtration

  • Less waste
  • Less energy consumption


Protair-X’s Anti-Microbial Technology

  • Prevents the deterioration of the membrane / media
  • Can reduce odors


Our Proposal:

Switch to a High Efficiency Air-filter, optimized for HVAC systems

Superior performance

  • Improved efficiency of the air filtration system; resulting in financial savings!
  • Longer lasting (min. 2 cycles longer)
  • Stronger frame
  • Not affected by water or humidity
  • Not affected by weather changes