Service Areas

Health Division: Hand Sanitizers

Our hand sanitizers help reduce the risk of infections and contaminations by its high concentration of alcohol. With alcohol levels ranging between 70 to 80 %, our sanitizers hold an excellent germicidal activity that fight bacteria including multi-resistant pathogens (ex: MRSA and VRE). Our products stand out with a smooth and gentle feeling that  comforts, wraps and protects your hands with each application due to its rich emollient formulation.

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HVAC Division: Air Filtration

PROTAIR-X filters set a new standard in the air filtration industry.

Made from a unique membrane utilizing 3D technology, this woven polypropylene filter mounted in an aluminum frame provides superior filtration performance and is not only extremely durable, but also cleanable, washable and reusable.

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Agriculture: Air Filtration

PROTAIR-X filters have been developed to facilitate the introduction of a filtration system in an agricultural application with the intent of improving animal health.

The unqiue and innovative polypropylene membrane filter, which is specially treated to improve the longevity of the filter, makes it easier to wash while reducing maintenance costs.

The performance of our filtration systems have been field tested for over 6 years in countries around the world and these systems remain the most effective and economic solution for agricultural air filtration.

Our filters can be designed for easy installation on existing and new barns. The design of the filtration system is specific for each application according the ventilation requirements for the animals and the location of the filters.

With our unqiue 3D membrane, more air flows through the filters which in turn, reduces the need for excess filtration and reduces the energy costs of your ventilation system.  Our team of technical experts can design the filtration systems for various climates and applications and this significantly reduces the installation costs of the systems.