To Our Valued Distributors, Customers, Clients and Citizens

For many years we have been providing our high quality products to the marketplace primarily through various healthcare channels. With the on-going COVID19 crisis we took the decision to make said products available at the retail level through our many distributors so consumers could also benefit from the quality and efficacy.

Recently, it has come to our attention our products are being sold at higher prices then what we suggest them to be sold for in the retail settings. We are in the process of investigating this and are yet to determine whether this is product that has been sold multiple times through various channels prior to arriving at the retail locations; thus increasing the price of the product to the end user / consumers due to so many additional “hands” becoming part of the supply chain. Even though we lack the authority to price our products at the retailers and should the former not be the case, we will no longer conduct business with ANY organization who decides to mark-up the price of our products OR exploit this current crisis and manipulate pricing to our customer base.

We have consistently supplied and in some cases have donated our products to various causes and organizations and in no way do we want to see our name and/or reputation be tarnished by anyone who is trying to take advantage of the current situation or in the future. These are not the Values we cherish as part of our Guiding Principles.

Thank you for your consideration and business take care of, yourself, take care of each other and stay safe,

Protair-X Solutions Group