NPF-8 Filter

A Revolutionary Filtration Concept

The NPF-8 Filter sets a new standard in filtration. Made from our unique 3D technology membrane, this woven and aluminium mounted polypropylene filter provides superior filtration and is cleanable, washable and recyclable.


Proven Efficiency

With MERV 8 (F4) mechanical efficiency, the NPF-8 maintains its performance level throughout its operation life, even after repeated cleanings. Its aluminium frame, as opposed to cardboard that is used by other manufacturers, allows for better sealing.


100% Cleanable, Washable and Recyclable

Due to the ecological components used in the NPF-8, filters are 100% cleanable and washable and by being recyclable, at the end of their life cycle there is a reduction in the number of components going to landfill.


Energy Conservation

The filter’s initial static pressure of 0.26 in WG (50 Pa) and its superior dust retention capacity reduce the stress on motors, thereby reducing or lowering your energy consumption.





 Revolutionary Construction


  1. The filter is both strong and durable thanks to its fully recyclable rigid aluminium frame that also allows for a better seal.
  2. The filtering media is poured into a non-toxic adhesive sealing material that creates a perfect seal and provides superior rigidity, which will keep the filter from bursting should over-pressurization occur.
  3. The layer filtering media uses exclusive 3D filtration technology and allows for the obstruction and retention of even the smallest harmful particles.


Added Value

The NPF-8 filter uses our unique 3D filtration technology.

This innovative product is made of specially treated polypropylene fibres.



An antimicrobial solution is added to the fibres during the manufacturing process. This ensure that the antimicrobial agents are incorporated into the structure of the fibres and are evenly distributed throughout, thus ensuring there are not any chemical emissions.

The 3D configuration of the filtering membrane ensures increased contact between pathogenic organisms and antimicrobial agents.


Ecological Strategy

Because the NPF-8 filter is washable as well as recyclable, you will be able to reach and even surpass your energy conservation and waste reduction goals.



Download our NPF-8 Brochure.